Consultation Services For High School Students
(including high school graduates seeking an undergraduate education)

Advice on high school transition
Developing goals to make high school successful
Time management tips
Yearly recommendations for course selections
Annual evaluation of academic profile
Discussion of college admission tests (SAT (Reasoning & Subject)  & ACT) and PSAT interpretation
Suggestions for extracurricular activities
Developing a resume/personal profile
Exploration of summer enrichment programs and opportunities
Selecting the appropriate college
Advice on college visits
Suggestions for completing college applications
Tips for writing an impressive essay
College recommendations for students with learning differences and ADD
Marketing tips for college
Preparing for the college interview
Career awareness and planning
Suggestions for scholarship searches
Researching college majors


Consultation Services For Middle School Students (Grades 6-8)

Academic preparation for high school and advice on high school transition
Suggestions for summer enrichment programs and opportunities
Career exploration and planning
Introduction to post secondary education options

Educational Consultation Services for Parents

Strategies to help your child achieve in school
Understanding the parental role in education and schools

Copyright: 2019

Copyright: 2019