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Start Early: 

College & Career Planning Service will design a program to meet the college and career needs of your son/daughter, as outlined under the consultation services.  Early intervention is critical to fulfilling one's expectations during the college exploration and planning process.  An experienced educational consultant will be the service provider.  All of the professional guidance is available to traditional college-bound students, first-generation students, athletes, and diverse populations.  Professional expertise is also available to middle and high school parents who need assistance understanding their role in the school, as well as supporting them with strategies to help their child achieve in an educational environment.

A consultation fee of $150 is charged per hour.  SE:  C&CPS will provide services to students outside the Metro Washington (MD-DC-VA) area via distant consultation.  Inquire for more information.

A distinguished academic profile is essential for a diversity of post secondary options.  The foundation for building a successful educational history begins in the early years.   Effective study skills, appreciation for learning, and attainment of basic cognitive functions enhance a student's intelligence and placement in many courses.

Preparation for college begins early.  Even though there are no guarantees for college admission, Start Early:  College & Career Planning Service encourages its clients to work collaboratively with our educational consultant and the student's school counselor to establish goals that will promote the potential for post secondary education.


**The first visit is only $100 for the one-hour consultation**

"Early Intervention Is The Key"

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